Brokerage Services

Through our brokerage division, we execute transactions on behalf of our clients across the equity and fixed income capital markets in the East African Region. We also provide transaction execution services for non-listed securities through our over-the-counter trading arm.

Some of our brokerage services include:

Equity Trading
We provide local and foreign investors access to the listed stocks. Our equity operations are handled by highly qualified sales and trading teams.
We control a significant market share through our institutional investor base and our retail investor base, which is the largest in East Africa.

Fixed Income
We execute transactions on the fixed income capital markets on behalf of our clients trading in both corporate and government issues. Dyer & Blair is a licensed dealer in corporate and government bonds with highly experienced sales and trading teams. We offer our clientele the option of taking part in the primary issuance and secondary trading of the following:
      • Government bonds
      • Treasury bills (T-Bills)
      • Corporate bonds

Over the Counter Trading (OTC)
We facilitate off-exchange trading of financial instruments such as stocks and bonds directly between two parties through a dealer network as
opposed to a centralized exchange.

CDSC Services
As a registered Central Depository agent (CDA) for the Central Depository & Settlement Corporation (CDSC), we are authorized to facilitate all CDSC processes including:
      •  Account Opening (personal, joint, group, corporate and nominee accounts)
      •  Settlement of shares bought and sold (on a T + 3 settlement period)
      • Immobilization of shares held in certificate form
      •  Pledge of shares in favour of banks and financial institutions
      •  Release of pledged shares
      •  Private transfer of shares (subject to approval by NSE and CDSC)
      • Transmission of shares in case of death/succession

As a licensed Derivatives dealer, we can facilitate trading in derivatives on the Exchange. Derivatives are financial contracts between two parties where the return depends on the performance of a specific underlying asset. Four common types of derivative contracts are futures, forwards, options, and swaps, and these can be based on assets like stocks, bonds, commodities, indexes, or foreign currencies.
The benefits of investing in derivatives are:
     1. Derivatives provide exposure to different asset classes.
     2. Derivatives can enhance or reduce risk.
     3. May be easier to trade than the underlying asset on the contract.
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